Utilizing my abilities as a Sculptor-Painter-Photographer, for over twenty five years now, I have worked in a mature style. I create Ecological Trash Artworks, that are built from a minimum of 85% post-consumer materials.

My works are created from old/new trash-natural/organic materials and very little new materials, with computer scraps being the common thread, that ties all of my art together into a cohesive body of work.

With the growth of the personal computer and the internet, I feel the use of computer parts in all my work, best represents mankind’s technological growth, which helps to place my art into a historical content. I firmly believe that technology and nature must co-exist in order for our planet to survive.

My art references such disparate environmental issues such as our society's appetite for over consumerism, and the growing need to precycle/reduce/reuse/recycle/upcycle, as well as divert waste from our landfills, and clean up our environment.


I truly enjoy taking what society has basically deemed as worthless, and creating works, that my audience will not only find beautiful, but will also help to open up a dialogue on some of these very important ecological concerns.

I like to work in a lot of different series. Some new, which were started this year, while others I have been working on for a number of years. Many of my series have an element of raw beauty and are purely abstract in style, with most of the focus entirely on line-shape-texture-color and balance! Other series are also abstract, but have more of an objective/representational message behind them.


I’m a true de-constructionist, re-constructionist, my works are about the process. I draw inspiration from a wide range of sources, including artists such as Wasily Kandinsky, Jackson Pollock, Ansel Adams, Robert Rauschenberg, George Herms and of course the media and the web. I am also truly inspired and awestruck by nature and the ongoing manmade destruction of our planet.